We’re on a Mission

To inspire creativity, champion collaboration, and unleash the power of incredible stories.

We’re on a mission to connect ideas and invention, with investment and integrity.

Changing an Industry

This is a complete breath of fresh air for the animation industry, our focus is on the production and financing of both animated features and series, and finding opportunities to take content beyond a visual medium.

We’re not afraid to do things differently, our aim is to develop and distribute content, giving great Eastern and Western stories the opportunity of reaching a worldwide audience via our partners while building our unique IP pipeline.

We thought about the future. We plan on helping native Chinese stories adopt Western approaches and to help facilitate Western stories to enter the Chinese market.

We’re on a mission to make creative collaboration easy, seamless and inclusive, by working with strategic partners, we hope to bring more animated stories into everyone’s lives.

Eventually, we’ll be so much more than an entertainment company, with our project management platform and DAO, which will serve as a hub for investors and professionals alike to participate in projects they truly believe in, and reap the rewards of successful IP.

We are TAOST, and don’t tell anyone, but we’re starting a revolution. Today in the film industry. Tomorrow, beyond.

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This is your opportunity to unleash your cinematographic projects, by getting connected with investors and backers from around the world.

Start your journey today! Are you:


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Get on board, find the best talent and discover ground breaking ideas, so you can unleash the power of incredible stories.

Our Story

We are Taost, the creative production studio here to use innovative technologies to honour, platform and connect the creative talent at the forefront of our industry.

Starting now, we are giving independent investors, producers, studios and financiers a space to discover some of the most ground-breaking ideas on the planet.

We’re on a mission to make creative collaboration easy, seamless and inclusive. To give the most promising content creators of today (and tomorrow) the opportunity to let their imaginations fly.

This is just the start of our vision. The opening scenes of our network premiere – the first page of our storyboard. From here, we will build trust, lock in some of the highest-profile projects imaginable and continue to grow a high-energy , happiness-first team and trailbrazers in the making. We are Taost, and don’t tell anyone, but we’re starting a revolution in the film industry.

Meet The Team

Claire Wan

CME / Co-Founder

Rocky Shi

CEO / Co-Founder

John Tsai

CTO / Co-Founder